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What Is The Most Effective Printer Productivity Master?
Oct 11, 2018

How to grasp the production efficiency of the printing press is effective. It is the staff's proficiency, equipment's advancement, or the evaluation mode. These are all related to the printing production efficiency.I believe that to be efficient, we must pay attention to the cooperation of the printing machine.The production efficiency of printing press is divided into preparation time and production time.

Time to prepare

Preparation time refers to the time from the end of the previous order to the normal production of the second order, which is the preparation time.The biggest impact on production efficiency is the preparation time. For example, if the time for each order change is 25 minutes, and 10 orders are made every day, then there will be 250 minutes for each order change in a day.If the replacement time is reduced to 10 minutes by taking corresponding measures, each time saving 15 minutes can save 150 minutes in a day, then the productivity can be increased by 20%.Therefore, the preparation time is quite important.Reducing the time to change the order needs to start from the division of labor, mutual help can achieve results.

Production time

Production time refers to the time of production of products.Production time mainly needs to consider the speed and stop times, affecting the speed factor of production ink viscosity and paperboard flatness, so the ink must consider low viscosity high concentration can.The flatness of the paper requires the timely consumption of the printing press to avoid long production placement caused by the curve.The downtime is mainly caused by the dust on the board sticking to the printing layout. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the good cleaning system of the printing press and the cleanliness of the equipment, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of similar problems.

Through the control of production preparation time and production process time, the production efficiency of the printing press can go up a step.With good printing preparation and process control, the production loss will be greatly reduced.