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VR, There Will Be A Small Climax At The End Of This Year
Jul 26, 2018

A general trend of 3glasses-launched "cloud initiation" is that VR industry is entering a stage of bridging the gap.In the world of technology, there is a famous "bridging the gap" theory, which was founded by Jeffrey Moore in 1991.There is a huge "gap" between the early market of a high-tech product and the mainstream market. The success of a product depends on whether it can cross the gap and enter the mainstream market successfully and win the support of the pragmatists.

The VR industry in 2018 is expected to break this gap.On the one hand, with the gradual improvement of Google Daydream platform and Windows Mixed Reality, these Internet giants are vigorously promoting the development of the entire VR eco-chain.

According to IDC, a market-research firm, shipments of vr and augmented reality headsets are expected to exceed 10m units by 2018.By 2021, it is expected to reach 100 million.Jitesh Ubrani, a senior analyst at IDC's mobile device tracking service, reckons that lower prices and lower requirements for PC hardware will make vr devices more popular.

Wang jie, 3glasses-glasses, also sees 2018 as a watershed.In addition to the ecological boost from Microsoft and other companies, including Oculus and HTC, both launched more cost-effective mobile devices last year at prices between 2000 and 3000.

With the price of VR devices dropping and the interactive experience increasing, wang believes this will greatly stimulate the c-end market.This price range is exactly the gear that 3Glasses has been sticking to all the time. In addition to the innovative mobile VR 3BOX A1 release, 3Glasses is exactly in this wave."If you do that in 18 years, I think there will be a little high in 19 years, maybe even in the second half of 18 years, you'll feel something."

The moat of glasses

"Yunqi" is a moat that 3Glasses built for themselves on the eve of VR explosion.By November 2017, 3Glasses has accumulated 235 technology patents, making it the largest VR start-up company in China.It has a 60% market share in the domestic PC VR market, 62 overseas partners and products in 33 countries and regions around the world.

Relying on its own hardware system, 3Glasses has built a domestic VR platform, VRSHOW, which is the first to realize multi-terminal coverage and content payment system, and the VR platform with the most VR content signed by PC side.At present, the platform has signed more than 400 PC VR games, and more than 10,000 panoramic video games have been launched.

Wang jie revealed in the interview that in the future, VR manufacturers will not only compete with one hardware device, but also conduct VR+ fusion in different vertical areas, which can provide integrated services of hardware and software.

"YunQi" is intended to boost 3 glasses from the hardware to the comprehensive upgrading, based on a 3 box host platform and VRSHOW content platform as the core, the hardware and software to connect more VR technology products as well as the more traditional industries, traditional industries to provide more professional VR solutions at the same time, also for the VR technology and content partners to provide more market opportunities.

VR, There Will Be A Small Climax At The End Of This Year