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VR Makes The World More Exciting And The Development Prospect Of The Industry Is Huge!
Oct 23, 2018

On October 19, the world VR industry conference, the meeting with "VR make the world more wonderful" as the theme, aims to construct platform for international cooperation and exchange, alibaba group chairman of the board jack ma, the Chinese academy of engineering qin-ping zhao, Nobel physics prize winner George jose special guests around the virtual reality technology and application at home and abroad published a keynote speech at the scene of the opening ceremony.

Among them, alibaba group CEO jack ma said at the conference that VR product is a new and interesting thing, combining with big data, cloud computing, AI and Internet, we can change education, change medical treatment, and the future will be full of expectations.

He says, virtual reality can not become the industry, and artificial intelligence, cloud computing and Internet of things technology combination, VR is the future, even though the VR may be popular and investment in the wind like again, if you can't with the manufacturing and services, can not promote the transformation and upgrading, make life more healthy and happy, such technology is meaningless, also won't and can't have broad prospects.

Figure from network

VR has been known by many people since its development. VR has become a new favorite of this era. It can bring people an immersive feeling and attract eyeballs.Many fields can display products through VR panorama, such as real estate, car, campus, tourist attractions, etc.VR panorama enables people to know more about the enterprise, deepen their impression of the enterprise, and have huge market potential.