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There Five Innovative Technologies For The Label Printing Market
Jul 18, 2018

As the global market for label printing continues to grow, new demand from manufacturers is emerging.The latest research shows that there are five key technologies to help them prepare for the future.

The global label printing market continues to grow.By 2022, its value will increase to $45.22 billion, an annual growth rate of 4.1 percent.Over the same period, the number of labels printed worldwide will increase to 1.41 trillion pieces of A4 paper.With this ever-changing market dynamics, the needs of label customers will also change, affecting manufacturers' choice of type of printing labels.According to new research, there are some major technologies and trends that could revolutionize the label printing market.Today we'll focus on the top five innovative technologies.

Lightweight tag

Reducing the weight of product packaging, whether metal, glass or plastic, is a common requirement of customers and packaging industry.The label is not the largest part, but at least it affects the weight of the package to some extent.Therefore, manufacturers tend to use smaller labels or thinner materials when printing labels.The latest developments in materials science have helped to reduce the size and weight of labelling materials without reducing the intensity of processing, especially in printing.One of the main advantages of thinner materials is that manufacturers can use longer rolls, which reduces downtime for new rolls and allows customers to get more labels from one roll.Nestle, for example, has reduced the size of its bottles in north American waters by 35 per cent, saving nearly 30,000 tonnes of plastic and 4,500 tonnes of paper each year.