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The Popularity Of Packaged Avatars Stems From People's Loneliness
Aug 08, 2018

The results of a study, reported by livedoor news in Japan, may explain the use of avatars in large coffee shops and Fried chicken restaurants.If there is a real connection between the two, then this marketing model should have been around a long time ago, and is based on a deep understanding of social trends and human psychology.

A modern man surrounded by loneliness

As Betina Cornwell, a professor of marketing at the university of Oregon, has said, "intuitively, there is a lack of communication between people, and everyone is a lonely individual."The lonelier you are, the more eager you are to connect with others, and therefore the more likely you are to buy a picture package," he said.

Those who took part in the AD survey knew that the red wine brand and slogan they were taking part in was fictional.The wines were divided into two categories, with 18 labels.Each respondent was asked about their impressions of the labels and which was more attractive.As a result, the "profile picture on the label" became a key factor in the brand's popularity.And there was a significant difference in how people chose between the other image labels and whether the image labels were clear or not.

The same answer was found in the researchers' survey of respondents' personal red wine preferences: the most popular ones were those with faces.Whether the face was crying or laughing had no effect on the results. People only cared whether the face was clear or not.

In previous experiments, people did not pay much attention to the human figure on the label, the professor said.Since 2017, the results have changed.

Will there be an increase in the number of avatars in the future?The results of this study cannot help but be sad for modern people.