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The Features Of Google Cardboard
Sep 30, 2017

However, there are reports that Google has stopped the regulation, requiring engineers to devote all their energies to their jobs. The news has not been officially confirmed by Google and is clearly untrue. Because this Google I/O debut of the important product cardboard is the "20% time" project another result.

Cardboard was originally the brainchild of two engineers (David Coz) and (Damien Henry) of Google in Paris. Using Google's "20%-time" rule, they have spent 6 months creating the pilot project designed to turn smartphones into a virtual reality prototype device.

At the I/O convention, Google, which has always been known for its generosity, has not been as big a gift as it used to be; In addition to the two selection of Samsung or LG smart watches, developers can get a small yellow cardboard box cardboard. However, this seemingly shabby recycled cardboard box is the most surprising product of the I/O Convention, which is Google's cheap 3D glasses.

Cardboard cartons include cardboard, double convex lenses, magnets, magic stickers, rubber bands and NFC stickers. According to the instructions on the carton, a very shabby toy glasses are assembled in a few minutes. The front of the convex lens leaves a space for a cell phone, while a semicircle of grooves can bury the face and nose.