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The Assembling Of Google Cardboard
Sep 30, 2017

In the Google I/O Conference, in addition to the new system, an additional demo of a completely new piece of cardboard, to see the "cardboard" material, you must think that Google's engineers are joking with us.

This new device is called: Google cardboard, popular point that it is a simple virtual reality glasses. Cardboard is a cheap virtual reality device that lets users feel the glamour of virtual reality through their mobile phones.

Cardboard's complete assembly consists of several pieces of cardboard, lenses, magnets, rubber bands and, of course, a cell phone (recommended for large screen, 2K screen that is excellent), as well as cardboard supporting applications.

Google has given the production instructions, all of the above materials, lenses may be the hardest to get, and other things are very common around us. Google's demo has only spent less than 1 minutes on the entire device.

The key is that a prop is a googlecardboard application. It can be the contents of the phone screen display, the two eyes see the content has parallax, resulting in a stereo effect. By using a mobile phone camera and a built-in spiral instrument, the contents of the front display will change as the head moves. Apps allow users to watch YouTube, Google Street View or Google Earth in a virtual reality scenario.

From the experience of the field personnel, this cardboard virtual reality equipment display is not bad. In addition, Google has released a tool set VR Toolkit to help developers integrate their services and applications with cardboard. "We want everyone to experience virtual reality technology in a simple, fun, inexpensive way," says Google.

Materials here can only provide you with Google Cardboard matching app, interested friends might as well do one.