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Our Company Is Focused On The Packing Small Orders Of B2B Electronic Business Platform
Sep 21, 2018

Our company is focused on the packing small orders of B2B electronic business platform, using the Cloud - Print - SaaS model is open to all users and strategic cooperation enterprises "box type library", "knife mold library", "online offer", "online order", "3 d soft proofing", "interactive marketing", "member management" and other core functions, combined with Smart - Print wisdom China supply chain, to provide small batch, full custom color box packaging services.

Our company has been with the national dozens of realizing intelligent production of packaging and printing enterprise established strategic cooperation relations, through the Smart - Print wisdom China supply chain link front-end each sales platform with the back-end production factory, make the packaging customization all link (design, order, production order confirmation, prepress puzzle, scheduling, plate-making, printing production, finishing and logistics distribution) is made up of each link online.

With the strong packaging supply chain support of small color printing platform, it greatly improves the business efficiency of packaging salesmen, advertising companies, design companies, printing shops and other customers, and reduces the operating cost of enterprises.

Packaging market overview

The packaging market of the world, there are 1 trillion extremely fragmented markets, of which nearly 60% are small orders for packaging, and the annual growth rate is 9%.

Our company's first month sales amount is 290,000 yuan;Sales reached 1.22 million yuan in the second month.The third month in the paper box on the basis of a new handbag category, monthly sales exceeded 2.86 million yuan.

Packaging is a very professional industry, different from regular procurement, packaging procurement needs to know a variety of materials and production process knowledge background and the ability to calculate prices.There are more men engaged in the packaging industry, so the proportion of male users on small color printing platform is 75%, and that of female users is only 25%, which is quite different from the general e-business platform of FMCG.

Compared with peer platforms and traditional industries, the number of small color printing customization is as low as 5 minimum orders, covering a wider user group.The comprehensive data shows that buyers prefer 100 small-batch customization, with 100 quantity orders accounting for 42%.500 quantity orders accounted for 19% of orders;The number of orders for 1,000 quantity accounts for 18%, and the number of orders for more than 1,000 quantity accounts for 21%.

In terms of paper selection, users mainly choose 350g single copper and 400g single copper, accounting for 75% of the materials used, among which 350g single copper accounts for 42% and 400g single copper accounts for 33%.Kraft paper and silver paper accounted for only 25%.

Printing color

Small color printing platform provides four primary color and white ink spot color printing, data shows that 99.6% of users choose CMYK color.

Process selection

On the small color printing platform, 43% of the users placed orders for the matte printing process, and the other process options were light glue, matte oil, gloss oil, beating, gilding and UV.