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New Gift, Explosion Paper Box Is Very Popular In Market
Jul 11, 2018

New gift, explosion paper box is very popular in market

In the past 1 year, the explosion paper box is very very popular in china market. and it is new gift for lover and friend. 

Very popular in china, the look is a common gift box, opened, in fact hide a lot of bodies, inside paste a picture, you can also write your talk, unique gift, there must be a very pleasant surprise thoughts ♥
Gift Ideas: for birthday / marriage / Christmas / holiday or anniversary gift

Material Package Contents:
A package material, enough to make a two-layer 11x11x11cm box explosion
** Photo should make their own preparations.
** Note: does not include any adhesive tape, adhesive material. There need to use scissors, knives and other tools when creating Gai
** Material layer explosion in card required tailoring, authorities had already cut is good
** Can watch youtube videos teaching

Bodies, including:
1. Waterfall Card Waterfall Card (you can put four photos: 73X55MM, 60X55MM, 47X55MM, 35X55MM)
2. Expand the book of love Squash Book (can put two 60X60MM photo) X2 parts
3. The three-dimensional love card

New Gift, Explosion Paper Box Is Very Popular In Market