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Google Cardboard VR Glasses Sales Broken Tens Of Millions It Should Be The Best-selling VR Equipment Currently
Sep 30, 2017

Tencent Technology in the virtual reality field, Google (Micro Bo) is becoming a platform for the standardization of manufacturers, the mobile phone industry to promote daydream platform. Recently, Google executives disclosed the development of the Daydream platform, but also disclosed the past "Google Cardboard" sales.

According to Theverge and other U.S. technology media reports, in the virtual reality market, Google used to launch a fairly inexpensive helmet products Google Cardboard (cardboard), only need more than 10 dollars, can plug into the user's smartphone, to obtain the initial level of virtual reality experience.

Relative to HTC, Sony and Oculus three companies to develop serious's full function helmet, the industry believes that Google Cardboard such cheap products, just to prove that Google's a serious mistake-not to see the virtual reality of the huge market, instead of amateurs the nature of the introduction of a very rough "toy grade" products.

At the World Mobile Conference in Barcelona, Google's vice-president for virtual reality, Amit Singh, disclosed that Google sold 10 million sets of Google Cardboard, and that apps were downloaded 160 million times, and 30 of them were downloaded more than million times.