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Development History Of Packaging Bags
Sep 30, 2017

Packaging itself is becoming more and more significant, it has become a no longer dependent on the production of special products, a kind of goods are inseparable from the widely used products.

China's scientists have developed an environmentally friendly plastic bag made from electrolytes that can be broken down harmlessly, and this environmentally friendly plastic bag can be dissolved in water.

According to scientists, it takes hundreds of years to complete the product of a common polymer-plastic material in life, which will exist on Earth for centuries. According to the actual figures, there are 80% plastic bags used after the end of the same as the general garbage is transported to the landfill area treatment, only 7% of the plastic is recycled.

This new environmentally friendly plastic bag in the decomposition process will not release harmful substances, and even can be decomposed into insects favorite natural substances, to protect the natural environment has been greatly helped.