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Compound Packing Bag
Sep 30, 2017

A variety of different characteristics of the material together to improve the packaging material permeability, moisture permeability, oil resistance, water resistance, drug resistance character, so that it plays pest, dust, microorganisms, light, incense, odor and other odor isolation, as well as heat, cold, impact resistance has better mechanical strength and processing applicable performance, and has good printing and decorative effect.

According to the form of packaging: three-side seal, yin-yang bag, in-sealed, pillow-type bag, five-side sealing bag, self-reliance bag, zipper bag, straw bag, roll material, cover material, etc.

Classification by function: High yin diaphragm bag, cooking film bag, antistatic membrane bag, antibacterial film bag, mist-proof bag, vacuum bag, chemical film bag, oxygen-removing packaging film bag, air-tone packaging film bag, etc.

According to the classification of materials: Laser aluminized film laminating materials, laser transfer paper materials, paper composite materials, aluminum composite materials, plastic composite materials, fabric composite materials.