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AR Book A New Guide To Hong Kong
May 22, 2018

Application of augmented reality is expected to stimulate young mainland tourists' desire to explore ways to have fun in Hong Kong. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region tourism officials are tapping into the application of augmented reality technology to attract young people from the mainland to visit the city.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board has teamed up with Hong Kong-born and South Korea-based rapper Jackson Wang to create an AR "magic book" that features 3-D animation, video clips and AR interactivity.

The online book presents a vivid picture of what tourists can expect to do in the city when it comes to entertainment, sport, gourmet food and art experiences.

"The AR book is a bold attempt by the Hong Kong tourism board in brand communications," says Becky Ip, the deputy executive director of the tourism board.

"Those born in the 1980s and '90s have become the main force behind mainland consumption, and we need to cater to their preferences as much as possible," she adds.

This new form of tourism promotion aims to stimulate young people's desire to explore interesting ways to have fun in Hong Kong.

"Take art as an example. Hong Kong has a lot of galleries worth visiting," Ip says.

Many of the world's most renowned art exhibitions, such as Art Basel, as well as various film festivals, would make for an artsy experience for any visitor to the city, in addition to its highly developed retail experience, she says.

Using the AR approach, travelers can enjoy the vicarious experience of seeing Hong Kong from a local perspective, following in rapper Wang's footsteps as he encounters the unique thrills and spills that the city has to offer, according to the tourism board.

The phone app allows people to interact with Wang through AR games and take virtual photos with the celebrity.