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Analysis Of Advertising Communication Effect Of Packaging
Sep 17, 2018

"There is a profound advertising principle in the package"!When consumers have face-to-face contact with a wide variety of products, packaging itself is the most important carrier of product information, which becomes the direct inducement to stimulate consumers' desire and determine consumers' purchasing behavior.In addition to the basic function of protecting products, packaging design plays an increasingly prominent role in the dissemination of advertising information.

Packaging is an important part of commodities. The function of packaging mainly includes four aspects: protecting product function, storage and transportation function, promoting sales function and increasing profit function.In addition to the above four functions, the advertising communication function of packaging has been widely concerned in recent years.The advertising function of packaging is reflected in that product packaging can be used as the carrier of advertising information of packaged products and even other products.As a carrier of advertising information, packaging design can include such advertising communication elements as brand, trademark, product slogan, advertising image, advertising picture and product information.When consumers read or read the text or picture of the package, the ad