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Advertising Communication In Packaging Design
Aug 13, 2018

"There is a profound advertising principle in the package"!When consumers have face-to-face contact with a wide variety of products, packaging itself is the most important carrier of product information, which becomes the direct inducement to stimulate consumers' desire and determine consumers' purchasing behavior.In addition to the basic function of protecting products, packaging design plays an increasingly prominent role in the dissemination of advertising information.

Packaging is an important part of commodities. The function of packaging mainly includes four aspects: protecting product function, storage and transportation function, promoting sales function and increasing profit function.In addition to the above four functions, the advertising communication function of packaging has been widely concerned in recent years.The advertising function of packaging is reflected in that product packaging can be used as the carrier of advertising information of packaged products and even other products.As a carrier of advertising information, packaging design can include such advertising communication elements as brand, trademark, product slogan, advertising image, advertising picture and product information.When consumers read or read the text or picture of the package, the advertising communication function of the package is realized virtually.

Analysis of advertising communication effect of packaging

Advertising is essentially a mass communication activity that aims to promote sales and disseminates information about products or services through specific media.Packaging design is also a creative expression of product information and visual communication with consumers.Excellent packaging design has outstanding sales promotion function.The commonality of packaging design and advertising communication in purpose and creative expression of information provides realistic conditions for the realization of advertising communication function of packaging design.

The specific form of advertising communication in packaging design

Packaging is an important carrier of product advertising information.In packaging design, the main information elements include product name, brand, trademark, manufacturer, raw material, etc.Such information is also an information element in advertising communication. Advertising communication creatively expresses such information, either through visual expression or auditory expression, and communicates creative information with target consumers through advertising media.Visual information representation in advertising communication also often appears in packaging design.In this sense, product packaging becomes the carrier of product advertising information.

In addition to the common information conveyed in the packaging design and advertising communication, information elements such as advertising language, advertising spokespersons, advertising films or visual images in print advertisements are also often reflected in the packaging design.Reflecting the communication of advertising information in the packaging design can make consumers recall the advertising screen when they come into contact with the product packaging, and the packaging design and advertising communication cooperate with each other to strengthen the effect of advertising communication.

Packaging design becomes part of the advertising campaign.In marketing communication, advertising activities with different themes are often carried out according to the change of marketing environment.In the implementation of advertising activities, a variety of communication means and communication activities need to cooperate.Packaging design can be used as a means of communication, reflecting the theme of the advertising campaign, and become an integral part of the advertising campaign.

Packaging becomes an advertising medium for other products.When the social penetration rate of a carrier exceeds 20%, the carrier can be regarded as a mass media.For products with large sales volume and high market share, product packaging has met the requirements of becoming a mass media to some extent.The advertising information attached to the package can reach the target audience accurately through the market circulation channels of the product itself.In advertising communication, the packaging of other products with high coincidence rate, strong product correlation and large sales volume can be selected as the carrier of advertising information communication.

The package itself is the advertisement of the product.Because of the uniqueness of the packaging design itself, there is a unique directivity correlation between the packaging and the packaged products. When the packaging appears in the sight of consumers, even if they have not seen the text information, consumers will think of the corresponding products and brands.The packaging design becomes the most direct advertisement.

Problems in packaging advertising communication

Packing is the most direct advertisement for a product.In the case of extremely abundant commodities, serious product homogeneity, and consumers being surrounded by media information, packaging is playing an increasingly prominent role in communication with consumers, and the advertising role of packaging is increasingly recognized and recognized by people.Although some brands have made some successful use of packaging design for advertising communication, some institutions and scholars have explored packaging advertising.But on the whole, the existence of some problems affects the full play of packaging advertising.

First of all, in concept, marketing managers and packaging designers do not clearly recognize the advertising communication function of packaging. In actual packaging design and packaging management, packaging design cannot be combined with advertising activities and marketing activities for consideration.The communication carrier resources of packaging are not fully utilized, and the lack of coordination between packaging design and advertising campaigns leads to the waste of packaging advertising resources.

Secondly, in the actual application of the function of package advertisement, there are some aspects of the appearance.Some brands only pursue the effect of publicity, deliberately pursue the uniqueness and visual impact of modeling, ignore the consistency of packaging and brand image, and ignore the function of packaging itself.And the excessive packing makes the consumer produces the antipathy psychology, on the contrary reduced the packing advertisement function to some extent to play.Some other brands only regard the packaging as the "outside" of the product, and do not realize the advertising function of the packaging.

Because of these problems, packaging design did not play its due role in advertising communication.In modern society, the advertising communication role of packaging design has been more and more widely used and played.In the market environment where product competition is fierce, the advertising information dissemination function of packaging will get more attention.