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2018 World VR Industry Conference Opens In Nanchang
Oct 22, 2018

People's Daily online Beijing, oct 22 (Yang bo) the 2018 world VR industry conference was held in nanchang, jiangxi province on oct 19, 21. The conference gathered leading enterprises, experts, scholars and industry elites from the global VR field, and Shared industrial development experience and drew industrial development blueprint in nanchang.

According to the white paper on the application of virtual reality in China (2018), the scale of the global VR industry has reached nearly 100 billion yuan, with the annual compound growth rate of over 70% from 2017 to 2022, and the scale of the global VR industry is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan in 2020.

Nanchang, jiangxi province, located in the central region, has been actively welcoming the development of VR industry in the past two years. As early as 2016, nanchang announced the establishment of China (nanchang) VR industry base, which is the world's first city-level VR industry base. In 2017, nanchang released the first VR industry alliance group standard.

The VR industry conference successfully held in nanchang is undoubtedly a grand military parade of the global VR industry, and the eyes of global VR enterprises are gathered here.

Wang congqing, President of HTC China, who attended the conference, gave high comments on the conference. "I am very happy to witness the rapid development of VR/AR industry and the strong support from industry, academia and government leaders gathered at the conference," he said.

As a leading enterprise in the global VR industry, HTC's Vive now occupies more than 1/3 of the global market share (IDC data) and over 50% of the domestic market.

Wang pointed out that with the progress of technology, VR, AR and MR will eventually converge into XR, and the virtual world and the real world will be fully integrated, which is also the direction of HTC's efforts in VR industry.

The ecology of VR industry is the key word of this conference. If there are no developers, there will be no VR landing applications in all industries.

Take, for example, HTC Vive's six-dof developer suite, which includes two six-dof handles, an accessory compatible with ViveFocus device tracking and a full suite of related software tools.ViveWave platform developers can make full use of their experience in VR field, and simply and quickly create the experience content based on the 6-dof double-handle and head-to-head interaction.

According to wang, supporting content creation is an important part of HTC's VR ecological chain. For example, "7 Miracles" released by ViveStudios has just won the Spirit of Raindance: VR Film of the Festival Award, which is also the first VR experience content of in-depth narrative Film by ViveStudios.With a unique six degree of freedom scene, the film allows the audience to witness the miracles together with the characters.

"We are launching a six-dof developer suite for the Vive Wave open ecosystem that will take the immersive space computing landscape to a whole new level.At the same time, a new set of six degrees of freedom related content and technologies on display will lead users into a fully immersive virtual world."Wang said.