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Commodity packaging Strategy
Sep 30, 2017

The packaging of enterprise products, as far as possible not to imitate, not with other packaging similar, and the use of new materials, technology, new patterns, new shapes, give consumers a new feeling. such as the use of renewable and biodegradable materials made of packaging is more popular, which facilitates consumers, but also in line with environmental trends, to establish a good image for enterprises. Easy packaging strategy. Enterprises in the design, purchase product packaging, to be considered everywhere to bring consumers to buy, carry, use, custody and other aspects of convenience. In order to facilitate the purchase of consumers, enterprises will be different styles, uses, flavors of products, composed of a variety of packaging or combination packaging.

Cheap packaging strategy. This packaging strategy is the use of low-cost, simple construction of packaging, usually used in a large number of daily necessities. such as general clothing, footwear, edible salt, monosodium glutamate, boiled traditional Chinese medicine, bagged fresh milk and so on. Of course, enterprises adopt this kind of packaging strategy, not because of the low demand for consumer purchase, but should consider its application, the characteristics of economic benefits.

Series packaging strategy. This packaging and series of packaging is different, the series of packaging for the same kind of goods, packaged packages for different products. Such as travel supplies box, cosmetic box, traditional treasures-pen, ink, paper inkstone, etc., it is packaged package.

Similar packaging strategy. Sometimes referred to as family-style packaging, the same enterprise production products, packaging in the form of the same pattern, similar colors, common characteristics, especially the CI image of enterprises repeatedly appear, forming a visual set, not only can save the cost of packaging design, but also deepen the user's impression of such products.

Transform wrapper policy. That is to replace the original packaging with new packaging. Generally speaking, an enterprise, a retailer should use the packaging should be relatively stereotyped, but when the following three situations, enterprises should adopt a change packaging strategy:

(1) The quality of the product is out of question, consumers have formed a bad impression;

(2) The product quality of the enterprise is passable, but the competitor of similar product is more, the original package is unfavorable to open the sale situation of the product;

(3) The sale of products is passable, but because the enterprise use the packaging time is too long, the cost is too high, enterprises to reduce costs, will make consumers have a sense of obsolescence.

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